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  • Elizabeth Duran

    I found this company after trying to find alternatives to going into a jewelry store due to covid and just buying online aimlessly. The try at home boxes were amazing! We ended up doing the at home try on twice and the second attempt we had a winner. The whole process was so smooth! Easy communication with customer service, easy ordering, delivery and payment! The rings were all great quality and my husband loves the one we ended up choosing! Highly recommend this company!
  • Holly

    I cannot verbalize how exceptional this company is. Prior to ordering a try at home box, I did a lot of research. My maternal grandfather’s name was Jack Jordan... so it made me happy to order from your company. My fiancé and I ordered a box and unexpectedly during our three day trial he had emergency surgery. We contacted the company for an extension. I appreciate your customer service, high quality products, and affordability. We will be purchasing two rings because we couldn’t decide on one! Highly recommend this company and the try at home boxes!!!
  • LaDonna

    Really appreciated the overall process. My fiance and I are eloping and needed a fast wedding band. The home try on feature was amazing for ensuring proper fit and style. Once we chose a band, it was ordered, engraved, and arrived in 3 days. I was genuinely shocked at how fast and efficient the entire process was. From discovering this website existed, to having our band delivered, 10 day turnaround. Unbelievable but Fantastic!

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