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To ensure the right fit, we recommend ordering a variety of rings sizes for your Home Try On.

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Men's Wedding Rings Online

You've known for a long time that you can buy practically anything online, but who knew you'd find a great way to shop from home for men's wedding rings or engagement rings? Jordan Jack has come up with that great way, and we're thrilled to share it with you. If you've already done your Home Try On, then you know how convenient it is. Now you won't have to worry about your ring not fitting when it arrives in the mail.

No Jewelry Store Pressure

You also won't need to schlep yourself from mall to mall and face the pressure of hovering salespeople. So many guys and couples who have gone through the process find it uncomfortable, and many walk away feeling rushed into a decision. Imagine spending the next few decades thinking "Yeah, it's OK, I guess, but I wish I'd taken more care picking it out" when looking at your wedding band. Let's make sure that guy isn't you!

How Do I Order Men's Wedding Rings Online?

If you're still deciding, Jordan Jack makes it easy to shop for men's engagement or wedding rings online with our Home Try On service.

Browse our selection of men's rings and create your Home Try On Box. Choose up to 5 different rings to be included in the box. Once you have selected your ring options, Jordan Jack will ship the rings to you for free to try them on at home. Take three days to try them out and choose the ring that suits you best. Then, just log in to your Jordan Jack account and select the ring you want to purchase, return the sample try on box, and we will ship you your new favorite ring.

What If I Don't Know My Ring Size?

You can get a general idea of your ring size by downloading our online ring sizer. When you order our men's wedding band Home Try On box we include a handy ring sizer to help you find your perfect fit. We recommend ordering a variety of sizes in your Home Try On box so you can really hone in on the right size with real rings instead of relying solely on a sizing tool.

How Long Does Is Take To Process My Order?

Orders are typically turned around in 24-48 hours.

Do You Do Ring Engraving?

Most definitely! Once you've chosen your favorite ring, you can engrave it to say whatever you'd like. Engraving is the way to personalize your special ring. Need some help figuring out what to have engraved on your wedding band or engagement ring? Check out our blog post on ideas to engrave. We will apply the custom expression to the inside of your ring that you'll cherish for a lifetime.

Can We Engrave Emojis Or Special Characters?

No, we can only engrave numbers and letters. We do accommodate periods or dashes for dates.

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

Nada, zilch, zippo. Even if you take advantage of our Home Try On service, for which we'll send you five men's engagement rings or wedding bands right to your door, it's FREE. You don't pay shipping either way when you order a ring or a Home Try On box from Jordan Jack.

Do We Get To Choose The Color Of The Free Silicone Band?

No, we will ship either black or silver depending on inventory and availability in your size.

Buy Wedding Rings For Men

Have you found your favorite? The wedding band that you know you'll be proud to wear for the rest of your life. The ring that you know will make you even more attractive to your spouse-to-be than you already are. Congratulations! Click Buy Now on your new wedding or engagement ring and we'll wrap it up and send it right out for you.

Who Is Jordan Jack?

With three generations of experience in the jewelry business, our founders are familiar with the downfalls of traditional ring buying. They developed a deep understanding of what customers like and don't like. They saw that couples generally did not enjoy the process of shopping for wedding or engagement rings and they sought to change the way we buy rings. They marshalled their experience and expertise to create Jordan Jack, a unique online service that makes men's wedding ring shopping easy, pleasant, and hassle-free. Now you can take the stress out of this part of your wedding preparations and focus on the most important things – like the two of you.

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