Who Buys the Groom’s Wedding Ring?

Choosing the engagement ring was probably one of the more nerve-wracking and challenging things you’ve done in a while.

 The Big Day is coming – you’ve circled it in red on your calendar to be sure to remember the date at least once for the rest of your life – and you and your fiancée are busy making plans for your wedding. While your eyes may have glossed over at the choices of flowers, invitations, dresses, and colors of ribbons, chances are you actually have an opinion about your own ring. In your corner is Jordan Jack, ready to give you all the help you need in navigating your way to the perfect groom’s wedding ring.

You bought the engagement ring.

Choosing the engagement ring was probably one of the more nerve-wracking and challenging things you’ve done in a while. You may have spent weeks looking at and learning about rings and agonizing over their price tag, before finally deciding on the right one.

Your girlfriend likely dropped plenty of hints about what she wanted, which was both helpful and stressful as you felt the bar inexplicably rising. You may have even spent time looking at rings together to make sure she got the one that would make her weak in the knees.

Finally, you chose the ring and popped the question. So the hard part is over, you think? Now, all you have to do is agree on everything else for the rest of your life, right? Wrong. It’s easy to head into marriage thinking that, but in reality, you are two very different people and will almost always have your own opinions. Start off on the right foot by discussing things in advance, beginning with who is buying which ring.

In choosing her wedding ring, it’s likely she had some input into the decision, if not financial then verbal. While both the engagement ring and her wedding band are traditionally purchased by the groom, the groom’s ring may still be in question.

 Who buys the groom’s ring?

Tradition dictates that the groom’s ring is purchased by the bride as a gift for him. Historically, the groom pays for her rings, the rehearsal dinner, the flowers, the officiant’s fee, the license, and the honeymoon. For decades, the groom’s ring has been a plain band of either gold or white gold, making the choice a simple one. However, all of these traditions are changing.

Now, men are becoming savvier about their own ring and many may already have a sense for what they’d like. The choices are so much more exciting now with the development of new metals, such as tantalum, cobalt or titanium and a variety of colors, such as gunmetal, blue or black. These choices have given men new dimensions of options for their own ring and, consequently, have added layers of complexity to what once was a simple decision.

To make their choice easier, men are now able to have a home try on box come to their own homes, which gives them a chance to try out five different wedding ring choices without the stress of going to the jeweler’s yet another time. This is a modern convenience that men would have killed for just five years ago.

Along with these progressive times comes a restructuring of the traditional mandates of who pays for what. With more women steadily employed today, couples may choose to split wedding costs down the middle. Or, the person with the greater financial stability may choose to pay the lion’s share of the wedding, including both sets of rings, regardless of whether it’s the bride or the groom.

 No really, who pays for it?

Still, that leaves the question of who pays for the groom’s ring. If the groom pays for it himself, it might not feel like a gift from the bride. However, this might be the best way to ensure he gets the ring he desires. Statistics say that grooms’ rings can average around $1,200, depending on diamonds desired. This price tag might be too steep for some women’s salaries, so it may be important to split the cost. Or, even better, check out some amazing grooms’ rings available for $599 or less.

 Get the ring you want.

There are plenty of tips out there on how to save money on your wedding. Wedding favors made by friends are just as cute as expensive prepackaged ones, and no one will know the difference. The rings, however, which will be worn for the rest of your life and seen by everyone you meet, might not be the place to pinch pennies. Be sure to get the ring you want, regardless of which of you will end up paying for it. The important thing is being happy with your choice and being thoughtful of each other’s feelings and finances.

However, it ultimately comes down to the fact that this is your ring and you will be the one wearing it, so don’t feel like you have to please others with your choice. Now is the time to practice tactful assertiveness, a diplomatic skill you will be using in your upcoming marriage to help you respectfully communicate what is important to you.

 Maybe I don’t have an opinion.

Wading into unexplored waters, such as choosing quality jewelry, can leave men doubting themselves and wondering why they even have to care. When it comes to choosing a wedding band for yourself, it’s time to leave behind the ingrown attitude that has you still wearing your gym shirt from high school. With some help, you should be able to learn a few key things about men’s rings and develop an opinion of what you like. Before long, you will have selected the perfect ring that shows your style to the world.

 I’ve got it! I know what I want.

After choosing The Ring and feeling like you’ve completed an amazing quest, you’re ready to go back to weighing in on the hors d’oeuvres and the chair coverings. Just know that if you choose a diamond-encrusted ring, you might be the one who has to pay for it. But if it’s what you love to see on your finger, it’s so worth it.

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