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Since it’s unmistakably the most important piece of jewelry a man will wear in his lifetime, a commonly asked question by men shopping for wedding bands is: “Which metal should I choose?” If you work with your hands—whether in construction, as a mechanic, or a welder—the type of metal you choose is really important. Maybe even more than you might think. At Jordan Jack, we design wedding bands especially for men who work hard with their hands. We offer rings that are uber-masculine in terms of looks and durability.

Since it’s about maintaining the wedding band’s integrity, Jordan Jack wedding bands are made of hardwearing, tough, and sturdy metal choices. Over time, however, while it is likely that rings will scratch and get worn, that’s all part of the character of the symbol of a wedding ring. Our metal offerings include: Gold, Silver, Titanium, Cobalt, Tantalum, Black Stainless Steel and Sterling Silver.

“No matter your style, metal or mm thickness preferences, we have a wedding band that will work for you,” says Jordan Yoder, Founder of Jordan Jack. ”Your ring is characteristic of your personal style and your profession shouldn’t limit your choices,” says Yoder, who realizes that men who work with their hands may not even consider wearing a wedding ring while on the job. “We take pride in using quality materials that will hold up to the daily rigors of life,” he adds.

Personal and Professional Style: Choose a Wedding Band that Fits Yours Jordan Jack sends a stunning curated box of five weddings bands personally chosen by the groom-to-be—to try on for free for three days—to help ensure that the design, thickness, weight and overall strength and durability are perfectly suited to match the groom’s personal and professional style and needs. A ring-sizing guide is included. Once the ring choice is made, the Home Try On box is returned. After the order is placed on the JJ website, the ring arrives in a matter of days. Selections include a striking striped Black Stainless Steel Station with Blue Accent Band to fit someone with an adventurous style, or the edgier Jordan Jack Tantalum Matte Black Carbon Fiber Inside Band with its textured black ion-plating outer shank that increases durability.

Timeless and Modern, Durability Matters Wearing a wedding band daily on the job—especially for men who work with their hands—can often be a safety concern and is, therefore, a personal decision. If you’re working as a mechanic and doing quite a lot of heavy engine work, for instance, or using tools as a welder, or at a construction site where a ring could potentially get caught—Jordan Jack still has options that could suit your look and lifestyle—on and off the job.

Here are a few wedding band choices that could be perfect for men who work with their hands:

What are the Top Wedding Rings for a Mechanic? Mechanics work with their hands all day, so a comfortable and lightweight ring is desirable. All Jordan Jack rings offer a comfort fit because of design and use of materials. A Titanium ring, for example, is not heavy when worn. Tungsten wedding bands are a popular choice because the metal offers durability and strength.

Mechanics also have to deal with dirty hands every day, so choosing a ring that will be easy to clean is important. Jordan Jack recommends using a lint-free cloth or a soft towel to wash and dry your Titanium wedding band, or a simple solution of soap and water. Scrubbing is not recommended for a band with anodized color/finish.

What are the Top Wedding Rings for a Welder? A Tungsten wedding band is good choice for a welder because if enough force is applied, Tungsten rings have the capacity to fracture or shatter. In case of an emergency, a wedding ring made of Tungsten would be easy to remove. Wearing a wedding band isn't necessarily a safety concern if gloves are worn while welding. However, it is a personal choice to wear a wedding band for other associated processes, such as cutting and grinding.

What are the Top Wedding Rings for a Construction Worker? Jordan Jack recommends not wearing a precious metal that could scratch easily, such as gold or silver. However, a Gold wedding band has its merits: It can be cut off in case of an emergency. Gold can also be restored to look brand new if it loses its sheen. Similar to being a good choice for mechanics, Tungsten wedding bands are a popular option for construction workers because the metal offers durability and strength and also resists scratches. Jordan Jack also recommends a Titanium wedding band because it is resistant to bending and scratches.

Choosing a Metal that Works for Hard-Working Men: It’s All in the Details Tungsten Wedding Bands Durability, hardness, and scratch-resistant finish Two points worth consideration: Wedding bands made of Tungsten metal are scratch-resistant and will not bend. Tungsten is cited as being 10 times harder than 18k gold and 4 times as hard as titanium. It registers as a 9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. The Mohs scale ranks materials on hardness from one to 10, comparing gemstones, metals and other materials for durability. • Lasting finish • Incredibly strong • Does not bend like gold or soft precious metals

Gold Wedding Bands High heat and electrical conductivity properties One of the reasons that gold is a go-to choice for men who work with their hands is because of the fact that it is softer than some other metal types that bands are composed of. As such, it can be cut off in case of an emergency. Over its lifespan, a 14k gold wedding band is longer wearing than a 10k gold band. A 14k gold wedding ring also has a medium resistance to tarnish. • Holds up very well to everyday wear • Can be restored at anytime to look brand new • Available in a variety of colors

Titanium Wedding Bands Three times the strength of steel Titanium has a silvery white hue that makes it broadly popular. In addition to its durability, it also is resistant to bending and scratches compared to silver and gold. When a wedding band is100% titanium, it can be cut through in case of an emergency. • Not heavy when worn • Hypoallergenic • Made from the strongest naturally occurring metal

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