How Men’s Silicone Wedding Bands Compare to Gold Wedding Bands

Men’s silicone wedding rings are cheap, but are they right for you? Find out how they compare to men’s gold wedding bands. Learn more about rubber rings

Avid outdoorsmen, athletes, craftsmen and tradesmen have been deserting traditional gold wedding bands and flocking to silicone wedding bands as an option for hard-working hands. The #1 reason active men consider buying silicone rings is safety. Silicone is considered a safer alternative to traditional gold wedding bands because rubber rings are supposed to be designed to stretch or break away during a stress injury. But how important is this consideration for the average guy? And aren’t gold wedding rings better in the long run?

Fear of ring-related injuries, combined with grim anecdotes about hand doctors who won’t wear rings because they’ve “seen too much,” can propel men toward making a fast decision about a cheap, disposable ring, such as a silicone wedding ring. This decision may cause regrets later down the road. Something as important as a wedding ring decision first requires careful consideration of all the facts, so a little background study may help prevent buyer’s remorse.

What You Need to Know About Ring-Related Injuries

Ring injuries are a risk for active men but, realistically speaking, they are a very low risk. Most reports agree that there are approximately 150,000 cases of ring avulsion, or finger damage from a ring, for both men and women per year. This risk can be greatly minimized by taping over the ring before participating in sports. Of course, you could temporarily remove the ring for a complete fix.

What’s So Great About Silicone Rings?

Silicone bands are one option if you are concerned about safety, but they aren’t necessarily the best option. Other metals are also considered great choices for men who work with their hands. Titanium and tungsten are two solid choices for welders, carpenters, engineers and craftsmen. A more beautiful material than rubber and far longer-lasting, these metals can convey the depth of your commitment to the woman you love in a way that cheaper materials cannot.

So, are rubber rings really the best option for a man’s wedding ring or should you look into gold wedding rings? The experts at Jordan Jack have examined the pros and cons of men’s rubber rings in comparison with traditional men’s gold wedding bands and have come up with the following considerations.

First, the Pros:

Pros of Men’s Gold Wedding Rings

Pros of Men’s Silicone Wedding Rings

Lifetime – long-lasting, can be passed on to children Safety – will break away if caught, non-conductive, resists chemicals, resists heat
Safety – can be quickly removed with hand tool Flexible – moves with your hand
Repair/resize – jeweler can fix it Substitute – change out your real ring when swimming or gardening, etc.
Investment – increases in value over time, especially with a worn “patina” Not valuable – if you travel, it won’t attract unwanted attention
Beauty – elegance, simplicity and shine Cheap – for tight budgets
Resale value – can be sold quickly for cash
Comfortable – isn’t noticeably bulky or sweaty
Traditional – stands the test of time, classy way to communicate your lasting love
Hypoallergenic – can get it with little or no nickel which is the common allergen

Second, the Cons:

Cons of Men’s Gold Wedding Rings

Cons of Men’s Silicone Wedding Rings

Discoloration – certain chemicals can damage the coloring and require resurfacing to repair Breakable – will break and need to be replaced very frequently
Safety – can get caught and bent, causing finger injury Expensive – considering how often you will have to buy a new one, the costs add up for a disposable product
Soft – can get bent or scratched, requiring repairs Sweaty – can be hot to wear, especially if no channels are cut on the inside to transfer moisture
  Not valuable – no resale value and no investment value
  Not sentimental – since they have to be frequently replaced, they don’t have the same sentiment as the ring used in the wedding ceremony
  Irritating – can cause on-going skin irritations: a different ring metal will then need to be chosen
  Uncomfortable – rubber rings can be so thick that it restricts closing the hand. Often come with rough edges and flaws.
  Ugly – compared to the elegance of gold, rubber is unsightly and cheap-looking
  One size – can’t be resized but will have to be replaced if size changes

A Final Consideration

Another major consideration is branding. Silicone rings are notorious for being branded on the outside with the logo of the manufacturer. If, somehow, you find a ring that doesn’t have the brand on the top, you will definitely find it on the inside of the ring. This kind of blatant advertising is distasteful for something as personal, intimate and important as a wedding ring.

A quality jeweler, such as Jordan Jack, can offer you a beautiful gold wedding ring without a disfiguring imprint on it. When choosing a high quality, eye-catching men’s gold wedding band, don’t settle for second best. Let us help you find the right ring for the right price.

Try Before You Buy

It’s easy enough to look at silicone rings in most big box stores. But to properly compare them to a gold ring, you can order a free home try on box by Jordan Jack. You can select five different gold or other traditional metal rings and have them shipped to you to examine in the comfort of your own home. The choice should become clear once you’ve tried them on and seen for yourself the beauty of a classic wedding ring.

Having a Jeweler in Your Corner

At Jordan Jack, you have the security of knowing you’ve got a great support team for any wedding band you choose. If you have questions about the fit, we can help. If you wonder which metal is right for you, we’ve got the comparison. If you want to make a change, we have a stress-free return policy. If you want to add a customization or diamonds, we can do that, too.

Whatever your personal choices may be, we’ve got the individualized service to help. Give us a call at 760-607-6810 to talk to one of our friendly customer service agents. We’re here to help you find the perfect ring to express the depth of your unending love.

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