If you build it, they will come.

We built Jordan Jack to simplify the wedding ring buying process.

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Have you been searching for place to buy a ring and end up feeling more confused then you were when you started? What size? What material? What should I be spending on a wedding band? Do I even want to wear a ring? I asked myself all the same questions when I was getting married, and was left searching the web for hours.

I finally found a ring I liked and ordered it from over-seas. Not only did it cost a fortune in shipping, but the timing was also risky…ordering just a few weeks before the wedding. I spent the next few weeks wondering if it would even show up. Which made me spend this past year - thinking there HAS to be a better way to shop for a wedding band.

Life is funny in some sense, how things come to you at the strangest times. I was going through a lot business-wise and needed a positive change. I wanted to build a brand and company from the ground up that would truly help people while solving a pain point. I wanted to work with people I knew would understand me and be behind the brand and the vision. I wondered, everything else within the wedding industry has evolved, why hasn’t the wedding band purchase process?

That was it, I had to do something about it. I approached my very close friends, in the jewelry business, about the concept of helping people with the wedding band purchase process - and from there we built Jordan Jack to make the process simple, fun, and most importantly not stressful.

We hope you enjoy Jordan Jack!


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