How to Become the MacGyver of Rings that Don’t Rust

A man’s wedding band has one job: to look great while lasting a lifetime. Unfortunately, not all men’s wedding rings are created equal, and sometimes inexperienced shoppers can end up with a substandard wedding ring that will turn green, get rusty or tarnish. While the initial price tag may have been enticing, the end result of a poor quality ring that leaves your finger discolored and looks terrible was too high a price for any man to pay.

At Jordan Jack, we’re here to make your ring-buying decision an easy one. We know the things that are important to a man, and we make sure our rings meet most of the highest industry standards for durability and quality. The icing on the cake is the designer look that comes with each of our ring choices, giving you many styles to choose from that will look great on you.

Which Metal is the Best for Men’s Wedding Bands?

If you’re wondering which metal to choose for your groom’s ring, we can explain the differences in features such as corrosion resistance and durability in some of the most popular metals available.

It’s also important to consider safety when choosing a man’s wedding ring. If a ring needs to be quickly removed in an emergency, some metals are more easily cut through than others. Some of the strongest metals require a diamond cutter or a specialized cutter that might not be readily available. The amount of heat generated by the tool can result in third degree burns. However, the risk may be low if you don’t have to use your hands in strenuous, daily labor or sports.

At Jordan Jack, we offer fine rings for the discerning man in gold, sterling silver, stainless steel, ceramic, cobalt, titanium and tantalum. Let’s take a closer look at men’s wedding band metals.

Ring Metals Pros and Cons


Pros: Extremely strong and durable; can be alloyed with other metals like carbon fiber for added strength, won’t rust or corrode, hypoallergenic, affordable, high luster that lasts, lightweight

Cons: Extremely hard to cut off in an emergency, can’t be resized, can be scratched


Pros: Extremely strong and durable, won’t rust or corrode, hypoallergenic, affordable, very lightweight, finish stays shiny

Cons: Hard to cut off in an emergency, hard to find a jeweler who can resize or repair, unscrupulous sellers have titanium rings that tarnish and scratch, can’t be resized


Pros: Strong and durable, hypoallergenic, beautiful luster, corrosion resistant, masculine look, can be cut off in an emergency, can be resized, hard to scratch, can be polished if scratched, contemporary alloy

Cons: Softer, can gain a patina over time, can cost more than gold


Pros: Traditional color and shine, timeless beauty, classic color of either white or yellow lasts over time, easy to cut off in an emergency, can be resized and repaired, heavier weight

Cons: Softer so it may bend or scratch and wear down over time, nickel can be used in white gold plating and is a common allergy irritant, can discolor from bleach and other chemicals

Sterling Silver

Pros: Luster and shine, retains value over time especially with worn patina, can be resized

Cons: Tarnishes and requires care, soft metal so it can scratch and dull

Stainless Steel

Pros: Strong, easy to cut off in an emergency, very affordable, bright and shiny, can be resized, lightweight

Cons: Can scratch and bend, will dull over time and need refinishing, nickel is a common alloy and is the most common allergy irritant


Pros: Durable, retains color and sheen, easy to cut off in an emergency, affordable, variety of colors and styles, won’t tarnish or corrode, won’t scratch, fairly lightweight, hypoallergenic, affordable, maintains glossy finish

Cons: Can shatter if dropped, can’t be resized, unscrupulous sellers have low- quality ceramic rings

Strongest Metal for Wedding Bands

When you’re looking for the most durable metals for rings, the top of the line is cobalt. With its bright, reflective surface, cobalt resembles white gold in wedding bands and is popular for that reason as well as for its durability. Cobalt is one of the strongest metals and is an alloy used in steelmaking for tools.

Hard on the heels of cobalt is titanium as the second strongest metal for men’s wedding rings. Titanium can take a hit if you work hard with your hands. Tantalum is the next in line. While tantalum is softer and can be scratched, it is easily polished and can retain its luster over time.

Rings That Don’t Tarnish

Men’s wedding bands that tarnish or turn green are a disappointment in every way. To avoid this common mistake when choosing the metal for your ring, consider the corrosion resistance properties.

If you are worried about tarnishing your ring, stainless steel is an excellent choice. Long used as a metal that gets wet constantly and stands up to daily abuse, such as with flatware, stainless steel is strong and resistant to corrosion.

All of the hard-wearing alloys like cobalt, titanium and tantalum are also great choices for rings that won’t tarnish. Also, with their affordable price tags, they provide a cheap ring that won’t rust. For hands that work hard and budgets that are firm, these alloys are the best.

Pros and Cons of Titanium Rings

A modern alloy that has been making a splash in men’s jewelry is titanium. Since it is a contemporary metal, you may not know much about it. Titanium is super strong and makes a great wedding band for men who use their hands a lot.

While it can be scratched, it can also be polished to regain the luster and shine. In an emergency, titanium can be difficult to cut off. Because of this durability, titanium is also not a ring that can be easily resized over the years. Finally, titanium is the most lightweight of the alloys and can be a nice first ring for those not used to wearing a ring.

Choosing the Best Metal for Your Ring

Once you’ve chosen the metal that is going to serve you well over a lifetime, you can choose your favorite five custom rings from our online catalog to try out in your personalized home trial box.

We’ll send you these five rings to examine for three days so you can pick the one that expresses both your style and the depth of your love in the most personal way.

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