2019 Masculine Wedding Rings: Rings for Manly Men

Find a manly ring to suit your manly style with our guide to 2019’s manliest wedding bands.

You’re courageous and strong, heroic and valiant. You have the heart of a lion. You are manly.

You are adventurous. Your bravery is the stuff of legend. You are bold, fearless, daring. You are manly. You are Batman and Rambo, Bruce Willis and Indiana Jones (but you can’t be Chuck Norris. If you don’t know why, you don’t know Chuck.) You are manly. You do not need GPS. You navigate by channeling your ancestors, who hunted their prey by the position of the sun, moon, and stars. You are MANLY.


When it comes time to choose a wedding band, no flimsy thing will do for you, manly man.  You need a ring forged from magma and dragon scales and the tears of your enemies. Sadly, dragons are extremely hard to come by, but never fear! Jordan Jack has manly rings in five of the manliest metals you’ve ever heard of; metals tough enough to build jets and body parts, born of nuclear fusion inside of stars, and incubated in the fiery soul of the earth (just like dragons.) These metals are made into wedding bands by Jordan Jack to surpass the manliness of all others. Let’s meet these manly metals and have a look at some of the manliest rings on the planet:  


Stainless Steel

With a name that means “that which stands firm,” steel easily conjures up images of manliness. Superman is “The Man of Steel”, the Terminator was made of steel, and the Pittsburgh Steelers are named after steel. Stainless steel, an alloy of steel and chromium, is strong and durable and performs well over time.


Manly uses for Steel:

  • Major component of buildings and skyscrapers
  • Infrastructure
  • Tools
  • Ships
  • Cars
  • Weapons
  • Railways
  • Concrete reinforcement
  • Heavy equipment and machinery
  • Personal and vehicle armor
  • Knives
  • Swords
  • Japanese katana


You wear a Jordan Jack stainless steel and diamond band. What do lesser men call you?

The Godfather. There is something about you that can’t quite be described. With a flair for the dramatic, you are respected and revered. What is your job? Nobody knows.  But everyone can guarantee it’s enviably manly and cool.

Our black stainless-steel station band with blue accent says a lot about the man who wears it:

You love all things modern and scientific. You appreciate clean lines and leather jackets. Always on the cutting edge of technology and always in the know of the latest “it” spot, you radiate coolness. You traveled to Japan and trained under samurai, but you keep that information to yourself.



Named after the Titans of Greek mythology, titanium likely has the manliest name of all metals. One of the strongest naturally occurring metals on earth, Titanium doesn’t scratch easily and won’t crack under the pressures of life. It has a futuristic aesthetic and comfortable lightweight feel. Found in meteorites and volcanic rocks, with a strength surpassing that of steel, titanium has a solid place among manly metals.


Manly uses for Titanium: 

  • High speed jet engines
  • Spacecraft
  • Missiles
  • Armor plating
  • Pins, rods, and implants for the human body
  • Prosthetics
  • Long term storage of nuclear waste


What type of manly man wears the Jordan Jack titanium black mesh center band?

The adventure seeker. A weekend rock climber and thrill seeker. You look for a challenge wherever you go, and you navigate every obstacle with ease.


What does our titanium black and white two tone band say about you?

A perfectionist to the core, you demand quality from yourself and others. Always the best dressed man in the room, you are effortlessly stylish and unabashedly bold. You know who you are and what you want.



With the highest melting point of all currently discovered elements, tungsten is undeniably manly. This metal’s resume reads like a who’s who of manly things. It’s the most scratch resistant metal available, won’t bend, and keeps its finish forever. From an ore called wolframite (no kidding), tungsten is the hardest metal on earth. Its uses are as manly as Bruce Lee driving a monster truck through a volcanic explosion while eating a hunk of red meat with his bare hands.


Manly uses for Tungsten:

  • Gas tungsten arc welding
  • Radiation shielding
  • Cannon shells, grenades, and missiles to create supersonic shrapnel (a real thing)
  • Machining steel
  • Ballast for NASCAR and Formula One race cars
  • High-quality darts
  • Fishing lures
  • Rocket engines
  • Cosmic Ray System of the two Voyager spacecraft (we’re not making this up)


What type of man wears the Jordan Jack tungsten rose milgrain fashion band

A sophisticated piece of machinery with a perfectly harmonized balance. You’re the guy who speaks seven languages but never brags about it. Complex and deep, your intellect and talent are always amazing but never surprising.  


You sport our black matte and high polish fashion band with a rose interior. Who are you?

A manly man with quiet confidence and a heart of gold. You’re the chiseled-jaw serious type who would give the shirt off your back. You sip your whiskey straight and always fight on the side of good. You’re masculine and smooth. Strength, integrity, and beauty in one package.



Tantalum is stronger, denser, and heavier than most wedding band metals. Rare and unique, it is extremely durable, highly resistant to scratches, and shatterproof. It is also comfortable to wear and easy to maintain.


Manly uses for Tantalum: 

  • Components in video game systems, cameras, computers, and mobile phones
  • Electronics in cars
  • Cutting tools
  • High-powered resistors
  • Tools for metalworking equipment
  • Jet engine components
  • Nuclear reactors
  • Missile parts
  • Surgical Instruments
  • Orthopedic implants


The badass hombre who chooses a Jordan Jack tantalum band with a gunmetal scratch finish is dark, stormy, and oh-so-manly. You love to listen to wolves howling on a moonless night with thunder rolling in the distance. You chop wood during the day and write poetry by night.

Our black tantalum groove center band more your style? We know your type. You’re like a secret agent, stealthy and sleek. You hint of dangerous encounters without saying a word, while maintaining class and sophistication and an air of mystery. Perfection runs to your core. James Bond would approve.



Cobalt is hard, extremely scratch resistant, and very durable. It does not chip or crack under pressure and requires no polishing or maintenance to keep it looking good. Heavier than other alternative metals, it’s perfect for the guy who likes a little weight to his jewelry. Cobalt is also exceptionally smooth and feels great on your finger.


Manly uses for Cobalt:

  • Aerospace industry
  • Cutlery
  • Bearings
  • Blades
  • Medical tool manufacturing
  • Artificial joints and orthopedic implants
  • Gas and wind turbines
  • Engine components
  • Rechargeable batteries for electric cars


Who’s the manly man that wears the Jordan Jack cobalt yellow and white two-tone band with a carbon fiber interior?

The CEO. A commanding presence in the boardroom. You walk in and effortlessly seal the deal. You are power and sophistication. You love jets, spacecraft, and all things fast and sleek. At once modern and timeless, you exude calm confident power.


What does our black cobalt and carbon fiber inlay band say about the man who wears it?

You’re a guy who keeps his eyes on the prize. Always ready for the ride of your life, you know real strength and muscle lie under the hood. Whether you’re driving a Formula One car in the Grand Prix, cruising in your sweet El Camino down the strip, or rocking a hybrid minivan in the carpool lane, you look like victory.


A Manly Man Plan

A real man always has a plan. Jordan Jack’s home try-on service makes it easy and enjoyable to pick the perfect manly ring. Choose 5 of your favorite rings, and they’ll be shipped right to you. No hassle, no frustration. So manly.

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