10 Tips for Choosing a Gay Couple's Wedding Rings

The most sacred outward sign of marriage is a wedding band. It is a piece of jewelry that should last a lifetime and represent your commitment and style. When two men are entering into the world of wedlock, it is important to find rings that satisfy the taste of the couple. Here are 10 tips that can help men select same sex wedding rings.

1. Consider Matching Bands
Many couples choose ring designs that match as matching bands show that two people belong to each other. Just as the rings make a set, so do you and your partner. Thanks to the multiple options of available rings, two men can have bands that match without being identical. For example, it is possible to choose the same metal but with a different design. If one person likes ornate jewelry, one ring may contain patterns. On the other hand, a couple may choose to wear the exact same ring. Sharing duplicate rings creates the effect that you and your husband belong to each other and have become one.


2. Personalize with Engraving
A great way to give a special and individualized meaning to gay wedding bands is through engraved messages. Most men's bands are thick enough to engrave names, dates, or personalized sentiments. Some people select a special poem or saying. Others write messages from the heart. Jack Jordan's "Sterling Silver Polished Band" offers a blank canvas for a cherished message. It is possible for you to engrave both the inside and outside. This is a wonderful way to create a one-of-a-kind symbol of commitment.


3. Document History
Every couple has certain occasions that mark milestones in the relationship. When selecting gay wedding rings, it may be a nice idea to choose bands that include special stones that correspond with particular dates. For instance, if you are getting married in April, selecting items that contain diamonds would be appropriate. The "Titanium Diamond Solitaire Band" is a wonderful choice. If you began dating in February, an amethyst detail would be special. Besides commemorating a special date, colorful stones add interest to rings and may elicit numerous compliments.

4. Think about a Different Finger
Although it is traditional for married people to wear their wedding bands on their left ring fingers, same-sex couples may decide to mix things up and try different fingers. It is important to discuss whether or not it matters to your partner where the rings will be worn. If you want to be unique, your bands can be fit for your index fingers or pinkies. Being unconventional can be exciting. After you select your bands, consider how they will look on various fingers. You may surprise yourselves and find that you want to wear your rings on different fingers.

5. Which Metal is Preferred?
Wedding bands are available in a variety of metals. Before choosing rings, it is essential to consider your lifestyle and budget.  Gold bands are the most traditional choices, but they can become damaged under certain circumstances. If you have a job that requires strenuous activity, gold can easily become bent or dented. Also, this type of ring is one of the most expensive options. However, this metal is a timeless classic that never goes out of style. If you want gold, you will need to choose the color that you prefer. If gold is too expensive or delicate, you may wish to choose a metal like titanium or sterling silver. Rings made of these materials still appear stately on your hand but are tougher and much more affordable. 


6. Keep Things Simple

Sometimes, the most beautiful things are simple and streamlined. Bling can be good for some people. However, if you and your partner want understated elegance, plain wedding bands are perfect options. Also, they are simple to customize at a later date. Due to their plain design, they can be paired with other rings as well. If you and your partner do not want all of the bells and whistles included on your rings, the classic appearance of plain bands will be ideal.

7. Do Opposites Attract?
Not every couple feels the need to wear matching wedding bands to symbolize a perfect marriage. Sometimes, two people can love each other and have totally different styles. You may like the idea of wearing a fancy band that is filled with patterns and gems, but your partner wants a simpler look. You may want to wear a ring that is crafted from shiny metal on your hand, but your husband prefers the appearance of black cobalt. Both of you can opt for the rings that you like. Even though they do not match perfectly, their sentiment is the same.

8. Don't Be Afraid to be Different
There are times when you and your partner have a vision of your wedding bands in your minds. Unfortunately, you may not be able to find these rings in store cases. When you want to be totally creative, speak with your jeweler and uncover the cost and time that is involved with creating custom pieces. If you can sketch a design or patiently explain your ideas to a professional, it may be possible to turn your dreams into reality. What a wonderful way to set yourselves apart from the crowd.

9. Make it a Surprise
It may be quite romantic to pick a wedding band for your other half. You are sure to have some idea of his style and preferences. If you want to enjoy a real surprise on your wedding day, you and your partner should consider picking a ring for each other. In the end, these rings act like unique and meaningful gifts that symbolize your love and new life together.

10. Engagement Ring?
Before you get married, you may wish to present your partner with an engagement ring. Whether it is a traditional diamond or some other type of ring, it is best to make sure that it matches your wedding bands. If the bands are not stackable, the engagement ring may be worn on the other hand or another finger. 

Jordan Jack makes it simple to select same sex wedding rings. You just choose five rings that strike your fancy, and they will be mailed to your door. After you have the opportunity to see them on your hands, you can select the bands that will be used as the symbols of your commitment. Send everything back, and we will get to work crafting your special pieces. Within days, you will have them ready for your ceremony. 

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