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Explore black wedding bands from Jordan Jack, along with pre-built Home-Try-On boxes of only black wedding rings.

Are you excited about your putting on that ring that shows you are someone’s husband forever, but maybe not as enthused about the thought of wearing a traditional gold or silver wedding band? No problem! Welcome to the beauty of the 21st century: we have a wealth of lasting conventions to follow if we so choose, as well as the confidence and creativity to embark on new customs and traditions. Have you noticed that men have begun sporting black wedding rings?

Why black wedding bands?

We love gold, silver, and platinum. We also love the new styles and materials that modern designers and metalsmiths are employing to give men new choices, and black wedding rings for men are some of our new favorites. You can wear a black wedding band made from cobalt, tantalum, or tungsten, for example.

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Tell me more about how my new black ring can be styled.

If you still want a bit of the old school in your new black ring, it can be accented with more traditionally-colored metals, or even blue or white! Jordan Jack is here to make any of your cutting-edge choices possible.

Is a black wedding ring going to stay in style?

Jordan Jack simply can't see how a black ring wouldn't look just as good twenty, thirty, or sixty years down the road as it does now. So many of our most classic clothes and looks are based in black, from the tuxedo you wear to the "black tie" party to the jeans you wear to the cinema or the bar. Not unlike gold or silver, black rings go with any outfit you decide to wear, at work or play, formal or casual.

How can I get my own black wedding band?

Jordan Jack makes it frictionless.

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  2. Take advantage of our Home Try On box service, and tell us later which ring you have chosen for purchase. Low pressure, high pleasure!

We're Not Just About the Rings

We've been providing both contemporary and timeless jewelry for three generations, and are delighted to offer an ultra-modern way to help guys express your commitment. Maybe you'd never wear a gold or silver ring and are excited to discover an attractive new option. As much as Jordan Jack respects tradition, we also celebrate innovation, and we're proud to enable a burgeoning new tradition that's coming to us from the increasing number of prospective grooms opting for black wedding bands.

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